Delicious Raw Honey, from white sage and lemon spring flowering.

Seasonal raw honey. Pure, no chemicals added.

Also have bee wax, ground turmeric and ginger.
Free delivery inside San Miguel when purchasing 2 or more kilos.
$130 per kilo
Whatsapp 477 255 1122
477 255 1122
Luna de Queso, Restaurant / Deli
Salida a Celaya 79, Sin Nombre, San Miguel de Allende, Gto.

Luna de Queso is a deli and restaurant dedicated to meats and cheeses from all over Mexico.
It is the most selective, high end deli in San Miguel de Allende.
415 154 8122
Mercado Sano San Miguel de Allende

Es un Mercado Colectivo que apoya productos Sustentables, Artesanales, Naturales y Orgánicos. Promovemos el Consumo Local, Consciente y Justo.

A collective grocery store and more with natural sustainable and organic products.

Ancha de San Antonio 123

8am to 8pm